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Welcome to Pacific Playland!

Here’s one for all you zombieland fans…

Come to a magical zombie free place where the twinkies are limitless. We don’t have snowballs so don’t ask. I hate coconut it’s not the taste it’s the consistency…

I have Exorcized the demons!

Here is one of my latest submissions. I got the idea while watching an episode of Auction Hunters. They picked up an old Ms. Pacman game and refurbished it. I remember playing Ms. Pacman all the time as a kid and all those warm fuzzy feelings spawned this design. Hope you like it!

A Neverending Friendship

Calvin and Hobbes will be friends forever. This is their neverending story…

Submitted it today to Enjoy!

Two New Submissions!

Hey all,
Here are two new submissions I just finished…

I submitted this one to a cool shirt website called Nowherebad. Check em out! I thought since Shark Week was coming up at the end of July what better way to celebrate than with an awesome shark tee!

This one I still haven’t decided where to submit, but when it do it will be Legen…wait for it…



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