More Human Than Human

“More human than human” is our motto.

Ever since I read “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” and subsequently saw Ridley Scott’s interpretation Blade Runner I’ve wanted a Tyrell corporation shirt. I did my customary google search to see if it had been done before (assuming it had) but could only find one “logo” for Tyrell and to me it lacked the pop and character that Tyrell brought to the Blade Runner world. So I decided to make my own! Hope you guys like it.


Quack…Quack…Quack…Quack…Flying V!

I’m a huge hockey fan (although in real life my team is the LA Kings and the Anaheim Ducks are our rivals) so it’s only fitting that I love the Mighty Ducks movie franchise (after all I was born in the 80’s). I’m also a huge fan of Dave Perillo. His style is so fun and charismatic it can make even the darkest subject matter whimsical. So I decided I’d try my hand at that same whimsical style and I have to say I had a blast making this design and I really like the way it turned out. The quack attack is back jack!

What’s it going to be then eh?

Jason Voorhees may not have had many droogies, but boy was he a hit with the devotchokas. Not only that but he’ll mess you up real horroshow.

This design (in case you are unaware) is a mash up of two classics; A Clockwork Orange & Friday The 13th. I thought this would be a good design seeing as how Halloween is coming up and after driving myself a bit nuts with all the detailing on my River Tam design I decided to return to some simple vector art. I still like the way this one turned out even though it’s pretty straightforward, so I hope you guys do to!


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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Ok so it’s not a chicken dinner, but I think it’s even better…

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A Real Spy vs. Spy

This Friday for 24 hours only!

This is my first print at one of the major sites and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks to all of you who support me (monetarily by buying my shirts or otherwise) you guys rock! Check back Later in the week for details on a giveaway I’ll be doing during the sale.

Great Scott…Pilgrim!

Great Scott! It’s the Lybians!

No actually it’s my latest submission. The design mashes up two great Scotts, Scott Pilgrim and Doc Brown’s famous exclamation. I was inspired after seeing Nik Holmes’ “Spock Pilgrim”. I had been trying to think of a Scott Pilgrim mash up for a while and that shirt blew my mind with it’s awesomeness! Check it out over at shirtoid.

After I realized Nik Holmes was more awesome than I, I decided I needed to try and come up with another way Scott Pilgrim could be interpreted. Hope you guys like it!

Itsa me…Mario!!!

A new mario submissions for anyone who’s a fan of the infamous mustachioed plumber…

This one was inspired by the song “Pumped up Kicks” by foster the people. For some reason every time they say “faster than my bullet” I would think of bullet bill so I figured “Hey, there’s something there!”. Voila! Vote to see it printed over at