Join the Resistance!

Fight against Ingsoc!

If you couldn’t guess 1984 is by far one of my favorite novels. For this design I mashed up some of the Propaganda posters from WWII and of course the Ingsoc logo from 1984. It was nice to work on a literary design for once it makes me feel more smarterest. If you care to buy this lil beauty it’s available for sale in my shop.

Elf Pride

Tired of being bigger than everyone else? Feeling a bit out of place with slow workshop production? Don’t worry, have pride!

That’s right even the best of us get a little down during the holidays. Pick yourself up and be a cotton headed ninny muggins with pride! If you like this design you can get it now in my redbubble shop!

E. Honda’s Sumo Sushi

All this fighting has made me hungry!

Everybody knows that E. Honda was a BAMF. He didn’t just punch you, he bitch slapped you, 100 hands at a time. What a lot of people don’t know is that E. Honda also owned one of the yummiest sushi parlors in Asia. So if you’re ever around, make sure to stop in and try E. Honda’s famous 100-hand roll. It’s delish!

The Singing Wookie

Ever wondered what it’s like to dance on the beaches of Alderaan?

I really like to paint but haven’t had the time lately so I treated myself to a little watercolor session and what better way than by turning a perfectly amazing painting into a Star Wars parody! This is my take on Jack Vettriano’s iconic painting “The Singing Butler

If you like it you can purchase prints over at Society6 or I’m willing to sell the original for cheap as long as it goes to a good home (about 12″x20″ watercolor and ink signed). Email me at

Enter to Win!

Hello All! I’m doing a giveaway during the sale of my Blade Runner tee over at As a special treat for you guys I’m giving away a tee of the winners choice from my Redbubble shop! That’s right any design you want, any color, boom it’s yours! Here’s how to enter:

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I will choose a winner after the final day of sales which is November 2nd so time is running out! Good Luck!