America! @#$% yeah!

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are two of the funniest guys on TV. I thought of them doing an old timey/school house rock kind of thing and how awesome it would be to see animated versions of the two. So I plopped them into the world of Steamboat Willie and Felix the cat and voila! Available for sale in my shop.

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Keith Who?

Keith Haring!

The design is a depiction of the 11th doctor and the Tardis in the style of 80s/90s art icon Keith Haring. The idea came to me randomly when I was eating in a Red Robin and I saw one of Keith’s characters on the wall. For some reason I pictured a fez on one of his iconic characters and it took off from there. I think the mash up really works because both Keith and the Doctor have fun whimsical ways to teach the world about very heavy subject matter. Keith Haring’s art uses lots of color and heavy lines to depict things like birth, death, love etc which is also what Doctor who is all about (albeit in a more metaphysical, existential sort of way). I really like this one and I think it will really resonate with both Dr. Who fans and Keith Haring fans!