Minimalist Samus

I love classic games. When I recently set out to design myself an iphone case I realized most of my ideas had already been done before. But after a bit of research I realized one of my all time favorite characters Samus Aran hadn’t gotten the iphone treatment so I set out to make an awesome iphone case for all the Metroid lovers out there!

Minimalist Samus is also available as an iPhone skin as well as a print at my Society6 Shop! And the best part is Society6 is offering free shipping now through midnight July 1st!

A Seeker’s Quest

It’s dangerous to be a seeker! Take this.

This is what I think an old 8 bit Harry Potter game would look like. This design is a parody on the classic Zelda scene “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.” If you like it it’s available for sale in my Redbubble Shop!

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Sonic Boom!

You’ve got your 50 rings, time to go Super Sonic!

This design is a mash up of Sonic and the cover from Super Mario Bros 3. When it comes to gaming I’m totally all about the classics and what two better games to mash up than two of the largest franchises in video game history! Available at my Redbubble Shop!